About Christmas

At the beginning of December children begin to get excited because of Christmas. Christmas is a very important time in the Christian year. About two thousand years ago, Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem. At Christmas, people celebrate that special day with lots of presents, parties, decorations and time with their families. Most families buy Christmas tree and put colourful decorations on them. They also sent cards and presents to their relatives and friends .

The Christmas holiday begins on 24 December –Christmas Eve. Children leave a stocking for Santa Clause when they go to bed. At night when children are sleeping Santa comes and leaves presents for good children –but for bad children he only leaves a piece of black coal! Some children leave a drink or a mince pie for Santa and some vegetables for his animals.

Many people go to church at midnight on Christmas Eve. They listen to the Christmas story and sing Christmas carols

Next morning is Christmas Day_25 December. Children usually wake up early and run to look what presents Santa left for them in the stockings and under the tree. Families get together and have their Christmas dinner which is usually turkey with vegetables and then Christmas pudding. They pull crackers with hats and small games inside, making loud noise. At three o`clock the Queen always says “Happy Christmas” on TV

26 December is Boxing Day (Saint Stephen`s Day in Ireland) In the nineteenth century ,rich people give boxes of presents to their workers On Boxing Day. Nowadays they enjoy eating, drinking, watching TV and going out.  

The Christmas Season ends on the twelfth day after 25 December, which is 6 January. Most people take down their Christmas tree and decorations by this date ,and some people think it is unlucky to do this after 6 January.

Enjoy this time!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!


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